Critical Art Writing

The Ecstasies of Love and Hate: Celeste Dupuy-Spencer's Painterly Transformation

Jess Dorrance & Erin Kimmel

In her recent exhibition, “The Chiefest of Ten Thousand,” the Los Angeles-based painter Celeste Dupuy-Spencer continues her exploration of US culture in a series of figurative canvases that confront religion and whiteness, ecstasy and entanglement, love and hate.

Art Writing

On Retrieval: Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle’s Black Feminist Spell

Ra Malika Imhotep

Hinkle's work is largely research-based and anchored to an impressive repertoire of writings and recordings left behind by Black women. Fixed to the walls of her Oakland studio, photographs of fabulous, familiar, and forgotten Black women watch Hinkle work. They hold her accountable.

Glorious Site of Tremendous Importance

Josh Pazda

Since 2011, Feher had been spending a considerable amount of time in Houston, and planted yet another seed for what would become a proposal for a large-scale horticultural sculpture at the University of Houston.2 Perhaps sparked by his excitement about the palm grown on his windowsill...

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"More than One Shadow": An Interview with Eduardo C. Corral

"I am pouring my language into new containers again and again, and I make sure each container has a different line length. As I pour my language into these…

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