33.1 Winter/Spring 2021

2020 Gulf Coast Prizes


  • Down South by Kosiso Ugwueze
  • The Cave by Meghan Pipe
  • The Kiss by C.A. Traywick
  • Hymne a l'Amour by Naphisa Senanarong
  • The Beaver's Twigs by Yoko Ogawa (Transl. by Stephen Snyder)


  • Curtain Call by Ames Varos
  • The Constant by Gemma de Choisy
  • The Invention of Mothers by Kathryn Nuernberger
  • Exit Music by Jonathan McGregor
  • Homeland Insecurity: A Collaborative Essay by Tariq al Haydar & Keija Parssinen


  • 2 Poems: Use Velvet Anyway; and Trace by Sophie Cabot Black
  • Rendezvous by Hera Naguib
  • On the Three Forms of Water by Campbell McGrath
  • 2 Poems: All Souls'; and Technically Feral by Emmalea Russo
  • 2 Poems: Etude for Player Piano; and Story of the Eye by Patrick Milian
  • Imagine writing "The Atlantic" on water by Jared Joseph
  • A orelha e o ouvido by Ananda Lima
  • 4 Poems: Read; Notes; December 16; and Again by Eileen Myles
  • Desert Sonnet with Dropped Line by Stephanie Horvath
  • Survival Spell by Micaela Bombard
  • 2 Poems: My Football Team is Winning; and My Football Team is Winning II by dorsey Craft
  • 2 Poems: Capitalism Ritual; and A Daughter's Mourning Dress by Rosa Alcalá
  • 2 Poems: Where One Starts From; and Conditional by Matt W. Miller
  • Narrow Negotiations (hand-washing) by Rusty Morrison
  • 2 Poems: Love Song as Iphigenia in a Teen Movie Asked to Prom as Part of a Prank; and My Best Friend's Abuser Takes Her to Court by Erin Adair-Hodges
  • Song of the Andoumboulou by Nathaniel Mackey

Creative & Critical Art Writing

  • One-way or Round Trip?: Speaking in Picures with Fumi Ishino by Alex Jen
  • Myth and Folktale: An Interview with Diedrick Brackens by Veronica Roberts
  • Autumn Knight: Performance of/for the Moment by Kate Green

Reviews & Interviews

  • "That Sudden Rush of the World": A Review of Ellen Bass' Indigo by Chelsea B. DesAutels
  • Completely Incomplete: A Review of Teresa Milbrodt's Instances of Head-Switching by Matt Bizzell