infinite wop (for Biz Markie’s “Alone Again” and Jodie Foster in Contact)

Sheila Maldonado

I will whip out
this stupid loneliness
it will slip
into the spinning rings
the blinding light
the wormhole
of my hip
my neck
my back

I am OK to go
into another
a vision of
vast idiocy
and solitude
release it
through my
otherly abled limbs

this solo woe
will drop into
the moebius strip
of my infinite wop
my idiot savant bop
and be transformed

a slowed forgetting
memory broken
and pieced
back together
by beat
body cracked dumb

I will hum
myself into a universe
of unaloneness
and quadruple suns
wind into
while staying in
one spot

chat up
an alien who looks
like my father
and points me
to the single dancers
on the floor
in their own heads
their own bodies
each a cosmos
alone until collision


infinite wop (video instructions)

click on these two videos and
play at the same time:



watch Jodie while listening to Biz
replay Biz three times total
to catch up with time on Jodie