Stephanie Jean

blues rusting yellow
with featherweight orchards for hair
stamped love on her skull

red bluer than blue
on redder than freed soil

“give up cecilia”, the land said


how easy it is to erase rusting yellows?
how easy to let blues blue into zombi?
how easy
is ease?

“you want to breathe cilia?
you want to dream ceci?”

i want to soar
i want to soar like
rusting yellows bursting into reds

“then soar ce
you’ve tried before”

don’t mock me
you should know I have daughters
you should know I have
blues rusting yellows bursting into reds



a coy girl tipping
into swollen calls
dances in the jaw-
cage of a sultry poise.
the tongue is hanging

for the saunter
of a meddling twirl.
memory blushes taste,
brush, smell, catch, and
learn in the on.

a somber wonders how
knowing will give in
in pain and buds,
in restraint and weakness,
in subtlety and ________.

settle your irides.
you will need all of your life
in one death.